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Comment: Update JIRA guidelines for "backward-incompatible" label


Consider using bi-directional links when referring to other tickets. It is very common and convenient to refer to other tickets by adding the HIVE-XXXXX pattern in summary, description, and comments. The pattern allows someone to navigate quickly to an older JIRA from the current one but not the other way around. Ideally, along with the mention (HIVE-XXXXX) pattern, it helps to add an explicit link (relates to, causes, depends upon, etc.) so that the relationship between tickets is visible from both ends.

Add the "backward-incompatible" label to tickets changing the behavior of some component or introduce modifications to public APIs. There are various other labels available for similar purposes but this is the most widely used across projects so it is better to stick to it to keep things uniform.

When in doubt about how to fill in the Create Issue form, take a look at what was done for other issues.  Here Here are several Hive JIRA issues that you can use as examples: