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Comment: edit test.beeline.shared.database & add default value for HIVE-17706


  • -Dqfile=XXXXXX.q  - To run one or more specific query file tests. For the exact format, check the Query Unit Test paragraph. If not provided only those query files from ql/src/test/queries/clientpositive directory will be run which are mentioned in itests/src/test/resources/ in the beeline.positive.include parameter.

  • -Dtest.output.overwrite=true - This will rewrite the output of the q.out files in ql/src/test/results/clientpositive/beeline. The default value is false, and it will check the current output against the golden files

  • - If this parameter is true, the generated and the golden query output files will be filtered before comparing them. This way the existing query tests can be run against different configurations using the same golden output files. The result of the following commands will be filtered out from the output files: EXPLAIN, DESCRIBE, DESCRIBE EXTENDED, DESCRIBE FORMATTED, SHOW TABLES, SHOW FORMATTED INDEXES and SHOW DATABASES.
    The default value is false.
  • -Djunit.parallel.threads=1 - The number of the parallel threads running the tests. The default is 1. There were some flakiness caused by parallelization
  • -Djunit.parallel.timeout=10 - The tests are terminated after the given timeout. The parameter is set in minutes and the default is 10 minutes. (As of HIVE 3.0.0.)
  • The BeeLine tests could run against an existing cluster. Or if not provided, then against a MiniHS2 cluster created during the tests.
    • -Dtest.beeline.url - The jdbc url which should be used to connect to the existing cluster. If not set then a MiniHS2 cluster will be created instead.
    • -Dtest.beeline.user - The user which should be used to connect to the cluster. If not set "user" will be used.
    • -Dtest.beeline.password - The password which should be used to connect to the cluster. If not set "password" will be used.
    • - The test data directory on the cluster. If not set <HIVEROOT>/data/files will be used.
    • -Dtest.results.dir - The test results directory to compare against. If not set the default configuration will be used.
    • -Dtest.init.script - The test init script. If not set the default configuration will be used.
    • -Dtest.beeline.shared.database - if If true, then the defult default database will be used, otherwise a test-specific database will be created for every run. The default value is false.


Please see Debugging Hive code in Development Guide.