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##Wicket IRC Channel

There is an active IRC channel for those that like to use IRC for support or for those that would like to use IRC to provide support. Use your favorite IRC client to connect to, then join the ##wicket channel. We'd love to have you.

Some of Our Favorite Quotes


heh, i was rewriting some webwork2 code in wicket .. i found my coding to be exceedingly happy


Yea. I sometimes have a hard time wrapping my head around some concepts... just to realise I didn't pay enough attention to the javadocs (duh!)... but over all it is the most empowering framework I have used.



This would all be so much easier if I was starting from a clean slate rather than trying to migrate my old JSP-based app bit-by-bit.

It's astonishingly great that the JSP and Wicket apps are actually integrating in terms of security, etc.

I mean, I've probably spent about eight hours on this so far in total.

And it's already all working, with parallel navigation structures, auth sign-in, etc. etc.

And I've already replicated across about five pages, with Hibernate list-view components, etc.

(This being completely from scratch as a wicket newbie)

I think it took me eight hours just to make Tapestry update a database object and save it.

Here's a quote for your wicket buzz page: "Wicket has a learning flat. – Al"

I.e. it would be a curve, but...