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Cassandra has Pig support for loading and storing starting with Cassandra 0.7. It requires Pig 0.7+. The CassandraStorage class (for loading and storing) is found in the Cassandra src and it's currently in a contrib module ( Removed). Details are found in the readme there. More hadoop support details are found here: Removed. A project that looks to ease integration between the two is Pygmalion: Removed.

Pig and HBase

In Pig 0.6 and before, the built in HBaseStorage can be used to load data from Hbase. Work is ongoing to enhance this loader and make it a storage function also. See Removed

Pig and Hive RCFiles


The Pig LoadFunc for Voldemort.
See Removed

Pig and Avro

AvroStorage, an Avro LoadFunc/StoreFunc in piggybank. See Removed