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Table of Contents

Targeted Features

The following features are targeted by Flume NG (FLUME-728). This list is still mutable. That said, the goal is to product a working core and incrementally build out the features necessary for robust data ingestion. A lack of a JIRA may indicate that work has not yet begun on a given feature.



General Features

Source, Sink, Channel, Event Interfaces


Source and Sink Runners (event-driven and pollable)


Input and Output Format Interfaces / Serialization


Configuration Interfaces


Metrics collection infrastructure


JMX mbean support



File-based configuration system


Centrally managed ZK based configuration system


Channels / Reliability Features

In-memory "best effort" channel


JDBC-based durable channel


File-based durable channel



Avro RPC source


Thrift RPC source


Scribe compatibility source


Exec source


Tail source



HDFS sink


FS sink


HBase sink


Specialized Adapters / Integration

log4j -> avro source appender


Use Cases