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  • Subversion client and/or Git
  • The recent update of JDK 1.6
  • Recent version of make
  • Asciidoc version 8.6 or above
  • Apache Ant 1.7 or above
  • Findbugs version 1.3.9 or above
  • Latest Eclipse IDE (or your IDE/Editor of choice)


  • Attach the patches as you go through development: While small fixes are easily done in a single patch, it is preferable that you attach patches to the JIRA as you go along. This serves as an early feedback mechanism where interested folks can look it over and suggest changes where necessary. It also ensures that if for some reason you are not able to find the time to complete the change, someone else can take up your initial patches and drive them to completion.
  • Submission checklist: Here is a checklist of things you should address before you post your patch for review:
    • Change should be clean, well-formatted, and readable. Please use two space indents, and space instead of tabs.
    • Make sure you have considered how to handle boundary condition cases and have sufficiently defensive code where necessary.
    • Add comments or java-docs where necessary.
    • Make sure that you have run checkstyle and findbugs and eliminated all warnings related to your change.
    • Is your change covered by any test case? If not, add a test case.
    • If your change affects a user interface, make sure you have updated the documentation accordingly.
    • If your change affects the development environment, make sure you update the COMPILING.txt and README files.
  • Test your changes before submitting a review: Before you make the JIRA status as 'Patch Available', please test your changes thoroughly. Make sure that all tests are passing and that your the functionality you have worked on is tested through existing or new tests.