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  • ResourceStreamLocator now purely generates pathnames using a ResourceNameIterator and then uses a list of IResourceFinders to actually get those resources.
  • ResourceStreamLocator no longer does resource loading from the classpath on its own. Instead, there is now ClassPathResourceFinder.
  • IResourceSettings no longer contains just a single ResourceFinder but rather a list of them that will be tried in the given order.
  • Path and WebApplicationPath no longer extend each other, and also no longer have a list of prefixes, only a single one. If you need several path prefixes, simply add more Paths, WebApplicationPaths or other IResourceFinder implementations to IResourceSettings#resourcesFinders.
  • The IResourcePath interface was removed, since each ResourceFinder now only has one path.
  • replace getResourceSettings().addResourceFolder("some/path") with getResourceSettings().getResourceFinders().add(new WebApplicationPath(getServletContext(), "some/path));

Changes to org.apache.wicket.ajax.json.* (since Wicket 6.27.0) Image ModifiedWICKET-6287 - Switch from to open-json RESOLVED

Because of license issues all classes in the mentioned package have been replaced by classes of open-json ( which means that the basic functionality is nearly the same. Some classes however (example: org.json.HTTP) are throwing WicketRuntimeExceptions because there is no corresponding implementation in open-json, yet. can be used in this case (can be found in the central maven repository) if the license conditions are accepted.