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  •  Request Git repo from INFRA
  •  Import project
  •  Remove deprecated plugins - moved to struts-archive.git repo
    •  we need place for deprecated stuff (to move the source code to) - new project "struts-archive"
    •  drop support for Struts 1 (remove plugin)
    •  dojo plugin
    •  codebehind plugin
    •  jsf plugin
  •  Remove deprecated APIs
    1. if it cannot be removed, mark to be removed during work on 3.0
  •  Switch to Java 7
  •  Merge XWork code into Struts Core (without renaming packages)
  •  Prepare the first beta release
  •  Mark current logging layer as @deprecated and use Log4j2 as default one
  •  Add plugin to support bean validation
    •  Implement plugin
    •  Add showcase example
    •  Add documentation to wiki
  •  Upgrade spring plugins spring version to 4.x 
  •  Move struts2 blank, jboss-blank and mailreader app to struts2-examples
  •  Switch to strict DMI by default - allow only defined methods to be accessible via DMI - user can always change that list
  •  prepare second beta
  •  drop support for "top" object - this can be painful, users are using so migration path is needed
  •  Cleanup website
    •  new user guide totally developed out of Confluence - people will be able to contribute to it via GitHub
    •  Confluence (wiki) used only to explain more detailed given aspect of the framework (ie.: how to implement your own converter in details)
    •  keep just one version of the doc (no more release/2.3.x, release/2.2.x and so on - Google indexes everything and people are confused)
  •  prepare the last beta

M2 (aka Struts 2.6)

  1. Servlets 2.5, JSP 2.1, Java 7

  2. struts-api module
  3. Drop support for internal logging layer and use Log4j2 only

M3 (


beta 1 Struts 3)

  1. Servlets 3.0, JSP 2.2, Java 8
  2. Finish merging XWork code base (rename packages)
  3. Rename Struts 2 packages to org.apache.struts3
  4. Switch to OGNL 4
    1. we must release it first
    2. also we need better API interfaces to allow integrate Struts with other EL engines, ie.: MVEL - right now the whole conversion layer is hardly tied with OGNL
  5. Switch to Servlet Specification 3.0
    1. drop embedded JSP plugin

M4 (


  1. Divide core into api and spi


beta 2 Struts 3)

  1. move plugins to separated project (need to be discussed)
    1. disconnect plugins release cycle from core release