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  • Building Struts 2 - Normal release

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Wait 24 hours before proceeding.

Update site

  • Make sure you have linked your Apache and Github account in Apache GitBox (Dual Master Git alowing you to directly push to GitHub), see

  • Check out site src code

    Code Block
    git clone

    or use SSH instead:

    Code Block
    git clone
  • If a new DTD was defined, add it to source/dtds
  • Update current version and release date in struts-site/_config.yml
  • Update page source files
    • struts-site/source/ (if applicable, refer also to corresponding security bulletin)
    • struts-site/source/downloads.html (Prior Releases section)
    • struts-site/source/index.html (some parts will updated automatically with values defined in _config.yml)
  • Generate site with Docker Jekyll image
    • you must have Docker installed and running
    • if you are doing this the first time, download the official Struts image to build the site from
    • start docker-machine
    • now you can use one of the bash scripts already provided in the struts-site:
      • - used with Bash
      • - to use with Fish Shell (via fish
    • now you can check the generated site at http://localhost:4000
  • Commit the changes and the generated content