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MyFaces Quarterly Report January 2012

Apache MyFaces is a project of the Apache Software Foundation,
and hosts several sub-projects relating to the JavaServer Faces (JSF) technology.


  • No new Committers
  • No new PMC Members
  • No new Contributors


  • MyFaces (sub) projects with new releases since the last report:
    • MyFaces Core 1.2.11
    • MyFaces Core 2.0.10
    • MyFaces Core 2.0.11
    • MyFaces Core 2.1.4
    • MyFaces Core 2.1.5
    • MyFaces Extensions CDI (CODI) 1.0.2
    • MyFaces Extensions Validator (ExtVal) 1.2.5
    • MyFaces Extensions Validator (ExtVal) 2.0.5
    • MyFaces Tobago 1.0.38
    • MyFaces Tobago 1.5.0-beta-2
    • MyFaces Tobago 1.5.0
    • MyFaces Tobago 1.5.1
    • MyFaces Commons 1.0.2
    • MyFaces Master POM 11
    • MyFaces Builder plugin 1.0.10
    • MyFaces Trinidad Maven Plugins 2.0.7


  • Changing contributor status of inactive (3+ years) community members.
    (We contacted those community members on November 7, 2011. Some answered that they are going to be active again soon, some confirmed that they aren't active any longer and the majority didn't even answer.
    We will mark them as inactive and send the result to the dev list.)
  • MyFaces CODI goes TLP
    (Result: Apache DeltaSpike incubation project. Furthermore, we sent an announcement about the future of MyFaces CODI.)

Project Branding

  • Started (ongoing)