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  1. Identify a topic - check out past blog posts for inspiration.
  2. Research the topic - dig through code and documentation. Bounce ideas off the Sqoop community.
  3. Craft a first draft, preferably with diagrams.
    1. Google Docs is a good staging area.
    2. In your blog post, be sure to preface the first mention of "Sqoop" with "Apache" - i.e. "Apache Sqoop (incubating)" as well as mention the disclaimer "Sqoop is currently undergoing incubation at The Apache Software Foundation. More information on this project can be found at at"
  4. Send your draft to to have it reviewed. Incorporate as much feedback as possible.
    1. Best to send a link to your Google Doc because ASF limits attachment sizes.
  5. Finally, ask one of the Sqoop Committers to publish your guest post on