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1) Dial-In

A phone number is provided which you can give to anybody to "Dial-In" via usual landlane/phone into the conference room of OpenMeetings - Every room has its own phone number. Currently room gets number
like 400<Id of room>. Maybe should move phone prefix to settings,
currently it hardcoded.

2) Dial-Out

The users in the conference room can call anybody outside of the conference room by entering the phone number in the conference room - In room actions menu exist "SIP dialer". When user clicked dialer window appears.
Currently calls can't be dropped from Openmeetings, tbd

3) Multiple Dial-In

You can give away multiple numbers and do the same as described in case (1). Multiple Dial- SIP transport can handle multiple rooms at the same time. Which rooms must be handled specified in In is achieved by configuring the SIP-server (Asterisk). It is possible to create multiple extensions (phone numbers) in Asterisk configuration that will be redirects to single conference room.

4) Multiple Dial-Out

You can dial multiple numbers from within the conference room - From within conference can be dialed multiple numbers.