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  • Status Report (March 2012)

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Submitted to board@ March, 13th 2012

Apache Sling is an OSGI-based scriptable web framework that uses a Java Content Repository, such as Apache Jackrabbit, to store and manage content.

There are no issues which require board attention at the moment.


  • No new committers or PMC members, the project is relatively quiet but mailing lists are responsive.


  • Apache Sling Commons Testing 2.0.10, Apache Sling Commons Scheduler 2.3.4, Apache Sling Commons Log 3.0.0, Apache Sling Commons Log Service 1.0.0, Apache Sling Adapter 2.0.12, Apache Sling Installer Core 3.3.4, Apache Sling Launchpad API 1.1.0, Apache Sling Launchpad Installer 1.1.0, and Apache Sling Maven JSPC Plugin 2.0.6 (February 7th, 2012)
  • Apache Sling API 2.2.4, Apache Sling Adapter 2.0.10, Apache Sling Scripting JSP Taglib 2.1.6, Apache Sling Rewriter 1.0.2, Apache Sling JCR ContentLoader 2.1.4, Apache Sling JCR Base 2.1.2, Apache Sling Servlet Resolver 2.1.2, and Apache Sling Security 1.0.0 (January 30th, 2012)
  • Apache Sling Scripting API 2.1.4, Apache Sling Scripting Core 2.0.20, Apache Sling i18n 2.2.0, Apache Sling Installer Core 3.3.2, Apache Sling Scripting Java 2.0.2, and Apache Sling Scripting JSP 2.0.20 (January 16th, 2012)
  • Apache Adapter Annotations 1.0.0 and Apache Sling Maven Sling Plugin 2.1.0 (January 14th, 2012)
  • Apache Sling Settings 1.1.0, Apache Sling Commons ClassLoader 1.2.4, Apache Sling Commons Scheduler 2.3.2, Apache Sling Event 3.1.2, Apache Sling Installer Core 3.3.0, Apache Sling Installer Configuration Factory 1.0.4, Apache Sling Launchpad Installer 1.0.6, Apache Sling JCR Installer 3.1.2, and Apache Sling Thread Dumper 0.2.2 (January 6th, 2012)


  • Website documentation is steadily improving

Project Branding

  • Project Website Basics: done
  • Project Naming And Descriptions: done
  • Website Navigation Links: partial
    • Open Question regarding "License" link
  • Trademark Attributions: done
    • Attribution on footer of each page
  • Logos and Graphics: open
    • TM missing from all Logos
  • Project Metadata: done

Licensing and other issues

  • none