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Localization - l10n - or Internationalization - i18n - are tecnical technical names for software translation, more that only change the words in a software interface, is a cultural and contextual adaptation of software for each country and/or region with a specific language and habits.


So, to translate Apache OpenOffice for a new language, basicly basically we need:

  1. Get the SDF source in english (base language);
  2. Convert from SDF to POT file (PO Template - a PO file without any translation);
  3. Translate all strings;
  4. Rename all translated POT files to PO (one time that are translated, this files aren't more templates);
  5. Convert from PO to SDF file (we can accept a PO package/zip file);
  6. Open a bug against L10N section in our bug track system
  7. Wait a build with your language pack. (wink)