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Apache XML Security for Java 1.5.2 release notes


  • [SANTUARIO-301] - Missing KeyInfo element when encrypting multiple elements
  • [SANTUARIO-304] - No way to distinguish DataReference from a KeyReference when iterating a ReferenceList
  • [SANTUARIO-306] - KeySelectors loop
  • [SANTUARIO-308] - Canonicalizer error when encrypting multiple elements
  • [SANTUARIO-309] - Default XMLCipher canonicalizer may decrypt element to the wrong namespace
  • [SANTUARIO-313] - Javadocs warnings
  • [SANTUARIO-343] - No KeyValue element when validating RSA_SHA256

New Feature

  • [SANTUARIO-310] - Implement KeyResolvers for PrivateKeys and SecretKeys


  • [SANTUARIO-302] - Need API to martial an independent ReferenceList
  • [SANTUARIO-305] - No way to register internal key resolvers in DECRYPT_MODESee here.