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HTML code should be XHTML compliant. Groovy and Javascript files should follow the same conventions as Java files. For Javascript we suggest to use Aptana in Eclipse and to use the attachment provided (to import import /tools/ofbiz.aptana.js.format.xml (from Windows/Preferences/Aptana/Editors/Javascript/Formatting/Import in Eclipse).

In accordance with this standard we use 4 space indention rather than tabs, and set the tab size to 8 spaces to make code with tabs easier to pick out. Make sure no code contains tab characters.
For XML/HTML/FTL files we follow the standard XML/HTML/FTL format (TODO: add link to a reference here). XML/HTML/FTL files should use 2 spaces instead of 4, but there are still number of files using 4 space indention. So it's better to keep the indentation used in each file to avoid confusion when committing.