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  1. Check out the ManifoldCF dist release area: "svn co"
  2. svn remove the old release: "svn remove apache-manifoldcf-XXX"
  3. Commit the removal

Updating trunk post-release

Trunk used to need to be updated to reflect the fact that it now represents the next release. There were four things you needed to do in order to complete this step:

  1. Update the build.xml - change the version number to the next planned release version ("XXXX-dev")
  2. Update all the maven pom.xml files - "mvn versions:set -DnewVersion=XXXX-SNAPSHOT"
  3. Edit CHANGES.txt to mark the release and start a new line marking the end of the next release ("XXXX-dev")
  4. Check in these changes to trunk

These tasks are now done automatically by the script, at the time the release branch is created.