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Being on the community wiki, if you are using Sling and your not listed here, please add yourself with a brief description of your project and how you have adopted Sling.


Sakai Project (http://www.sakaiproject.orgImage Removed )

The Sakai project is a project that was started in 2004 funded by a research grant from the Andrew Mellon Foundation. Its aim was to create an open source collaborative environment to support teaching and learning and research within Higher Education. The initial project members were Stanford University, University of Michigan, Indiana University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. These four were rapidly joined my many other institutions growing to over 160 Universities running Sakai in production today. The project funding has come to an end and sustainability has been achieved as a result of community contributions.


License: ECL2/Apache2

Day ( Removed)

Sling started as an internal project at Day Software, and has been contributed to the Apache Incubator in September 2007. It can be considered an important part of Day's software stack, and was open-sourced to make the technical innovations contained therein available to the public.