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Working on Logos

Apache UIMA needs some Logos. Please read the following ideas / concepts and contribute something you would be willing to license to the Apache Software Foundation so we could redistribute under the Apache version 2.0 license.

Kinds of Logos and Banners wanted

  • We need something to put on all of our web pages.
  • We need something that others who use or imbed Apache UIMA would be happy to add to their websites / documentation
  • We need something that can be extended in to a set of recognizable "banners" that we display as part of our GUI tooling

We're looking for something for "Apache UIMA", and in addition, for other things that might be sub-parts of "Apache UIMA". For instance, it would be nice to have a logo for "Apache UIMA" and related logos for the Java framework version, the C++ framework version, the C# framework version, Annotators of various kinds that might be contributed, etc.

Logo Messages

Major messages

  • This is Apache UIMA - something built by a large, diverse community, working together
  • "Unstructured" information being processed by typically complex algorithms, that extract "structured" meaning
  • Easy reuse (via plugable parts having mandatory metadata to enable tooling) of typically complex analysis algorithms
  • Data container (the CAS - Common Analysis Structure) passed among pluggable parts

Secondary messages

  • Multi-lingual (both in supporting multiple natural languages, and multiple Computer Languages (Java, C++, etc.))
  • Multi-Modal (supporting text, audio, images, video)
  • Meeting criteria of existing community to achieve rapid adoption
    • Major companies imbedding into their products
    • High efficiency - no discernable performance degradation for adopting the framework
    • Well supported with extensive, useful documentation and tutorials
    • Developing eco-structure of tooling
    • support various scale-out deployments

Other attributes

  • For major releases, it may be nice to gradually "update" the logo. See as an example the Adobe Acrobat logo - for release 6, 7, 8, it changes slightly (different background color, etc.)
  • For some applications, it may be nice to have the logo be animatable.