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11th Meeting


Rob Weltman, Cheolsoo Park, Jarek Jarcec Cecho, Bilung Lee, Venkatesh Seetharam, Kathleen Ting


Intermediate data

  • Jarcec described the current proposal, located on the wiki.
  • Bilung suggested implementing the intermediate format using class or interface to allow different formats in the future.
  • We agreed to go with both proposals.

Connector interace

  • Bilung has opened two Jiras regarding connector life cycle and a job life cycle - SQOOP-531, SQOOP-532 and will provide patches with implementation proposals - feedback requested.
  • Venkatesh mentioned that in his experience, supporting data transformations might duplicate functionality of some other ecosystem projects and it also can get tricky. We agreed to table the "transformation" issue for now.


  • We agreed that each speaker will briefly self-introduce before speaking in order to provide context.