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The gradle build is stuck

  • use the -debug option for more detailed information, this may help diagnosing the issue
  • if you are behind a proxy, you may have to set gradle environment variable: 
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    GRADLE_OPTS="-Dhttp.proxyHost=your proxy server -Dhttp.proxyPort= your proxy port number"

Some messages can't reach some of the S4 nodes

You may have some connectivity issues.

  • make sure Zookeeper ensemble is reachable from all the nodes of your s4 clusters
  • use the s4 status -zk=<zkString> tool. This will show the current status of the s4 clusters on the given ZooKeeper ensemble, including:
    • which clusters are available
    • which nodes are available on each cluster
    • what the addresses of the nodes are (hostname/ip and port)
    • which application is deployed on a given cluster, and where the code is fetched from
    • which external streams are linking cluster applications, along with their consumer and receiver apps and clusters
  • make sure available nodes are actually reachable, based on the socket info from the status command (host/port) and using standard tools such as telnet and netcat

I get some "Could not resolve all dependencies for configuration .... " error when building the project from source

This is a known issue with Gradle, see GRADLE-2369 and GRADLE-2034 for an explanation. It happens when an artifact exists in your local maven repository but it's missing the jar files.

There are two ways of solving it:

  1. Comment the "mavenLocal()" line in build.gradle (or place it after mavenCentral() )
  2. Cleaning or at least removing the problematic dependency from your repository. The local maven repository is usually in the ~/.m2 directory