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  • Dashboard view is updated real time for cpu and ram and every 5 mins (capacity.check.period) for allocated storage. For real time storage we update it every minute.

  • When you increase the factor, the allocated percentage decreases and hence you can fit in more vms.

    Say allocated = 100% = 100gb out of 100gb total space and overprovisioning

    factor = 2 and at this moment you can't deploy more vms.

    Say you change overprovisioning to 3 and allocated now becomes = 100/150 =

    67%, so you can fit more vms.

  • The dashboard calculation is for the entire cloud and that means the systemvms (ssvm, cpvm, routervm) as well.
  • Once the instances are stopped their capacity is released after a configurable time (1 hr default).
  • If they change over provisioning when their instances are already installed the calculation is not straightforward.  Refer the wiki for understanding the calculation with over provisioning.