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Making Changes to Oozie

First create an issue in Oozie Issue Tracking System (JIRA) describing the bug, improvement, new feature, task; and discuss if appropiateappropriate. It is important that the subject of the issue to be descriptive of the issue, and concise, as it will be used for the RELEASE LOG. All discussions should be done in the Issue Tracking System to make easier for developers to follow or come back in the future.


Work on the issue in your local development environment and when you think it is ready for review or integration upload your patch generated by doing git diff --no-prefix to the JIRA issue. The naming convention of the patch should be OOZIE-<JIRA NUMBER>-1001.patch. For eg: OOZIE-2555-1001.patch.  

After attaching the patch, click on 'Submit Patch' to change the status of the JIRA to 'Patch Available'. Marking the JIRA as 'Patch Available' it will trigger Oozie test-patch Jenkins job that will do an automated analysis of the patch and reported to the JIRA.