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This page is outdated and will be updated. Please see this page for our Release Principles for Apache CloudStack 4.6 and on.


All available releases can be found on the Apache CloudStack project's website, on the Downloads page. The release-specific child pages in this wiki are not intended to be the official documentation for any release, but are intended to be documents used by the Apache CloudStack community for collaboration and delivery of releases.


The Apache CloudStack community uses a time-based approach to it's feature releases, with as-needed (i.e.: less formal schedule) for incremental bug-fix releases in between these feature releases. Our goal is to have a consistent schedule for new features to be merged into the master branch, along with incremental bug-fix updates between each major feature release.

Table of Contents

Feature Release Cycle

Feature releases are planned for every 4 months, with a 2 month overlapping development window, giving each feature 6 months to go through it's cycle.


Given the nature of this release support model, the community believes that providing an upgrade path from any CloudStack release to any later CloudStack release is a critical feature for our users. This includes upgrades from one major version number to the next. It should be expected that any exception to a smooth upgrade path is either a critical bug to be addressed, or will be documented very clearly (and it will cause a major version number increment).

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