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OPSUI "Classic" Theme from the Orbiting Carbon Observatory

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Building from src


  1. Grab WAR from
  2. Install Tomcat, or have a Tomcat server running
  3. mkdir /usr/local/opsui
  4. copy the WAR file into /usr/locall/opsui
  5. copy into /usr/local/opsui, and rename the file to pcs-opsui.xml
  6. Edit pcs-opsui.xml and make sure that the <Context docBase="/usr/local/opsui/pcs-opsui-0.5.war"> is set
  7. Make sure Tomcat isn't running
  8. Sym link pcs-opsui.xml to $TOMCAT_HOME/conf/Catalina/localhost/pcs-opsui.xml
  9. Turn on Tomcat
  10. Visit http://localhost:<TOMCAT_PORT>/pcs-opsui/