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Comment: Updates following change to svnpubsub


Build and deploy documentation

The following will deploy the generated website to /www/$VERSION on It doesn't change the top-level links to the documentation yet, so it's safe to do this step before waiting for the mirrors to syncTODO: this section needs updating following the change to svnpubsub in WHIRR-685. See the "Build and Deploy Site" section below for guidance.

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mvn site-deploy

You can SSH there to check that things look OK.

It will take an hour or so for the documentation to become live, but you can inspect the website by temporarily setting your browser proxy to see the new, unmirrored content (I used FoxyProxy in Firefox) as described in

Add the Next Release to JIRA


Update the top level site by checking out (note that this is still in svn) and editing src/site/site.xml to update the version number. Then type:

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mvn site-deploy

This will deploy Open the generated website to /wwwlocally-generated website in your browser and check it looks OK. When you are happy with it, type

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cp -r /tmp/



and commit the changes. The updated website will be published to immediately (it uses svnpubsub).

Announce the Release

TODO: Add a news section to the website.