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Reflect (Generic) UDF

A Java class and method often exists to handle the exact function a user would like to use in Hive. Rather than having to write a wrapper UDF to call this method, the majority of these methods can be called using reflect UDF. Reflect uses Java reflection to instantiate and call methods of objects; it can also call static functions. The method must return a primitive type or a type that Hive knows how to serialize.

Code Block
SELECT reflect("java.lang.String", "valueOf", 1),
       reflect("java.lang.String", "isEmpty"),
       reflect("java.lang.Math", "max", 2, 3),
       reflect("java.lang.Math", "min", 2, 3),
       reflect("java.lang.Math", "round", 2.5),
       reflect("java.lang.Math", "exp", 1.0),
       reflect("java.lang.Math", "floor", 1.9)

1	true	3	2	3	2.7182818284590455	1.0
titleVersion information

As of Hive 0.9.0, java_method() is a synonym for reflect(). See Misc. Functions in Hive Operators and UDFs.