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Comment: Migrated to Confluence 4.0


IBM Lotus Symphony has fancy sidebar design, with the sidebar user can easy access panels which can be docked to sidebar, it's also help user read set property item easily. In AOO 4.0, the sidebar panel will be migrated. 

Test Overview

Ensure that property side panel e.g. text properties, paragraph properties and slide layout properties, etc... are correctly migrated. 


Property values should be synchronized with the relevant property items in property dialog.

Test Object

Properties side panels in sidebar.

Test Approach

UI appearance of properties panel are follow visual design.


Sidebar feature available in sidebar branch stream: Removed

Installation package available at: Removed

Note: Binary build will be built by build bot lately and could be found in: Removed;


Test case development: 3/19 ~ 3/29

Test case execution: 3/30 ~ 4/20

 Reference link

Sidebar wiki: Removed

UX Design: Removed

UI Design: Removed

Task Panel: Removed