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SMS message is sent at the same moment as e-mail meeting reminder. The number to which is sent is a number of the phone specified in the “Administration” -> “Users” screen.

You need to do the following for the correct module work:

  1. Pay sms provider for the service. Currently only BulkSMS provider is supported. Attention! APIs of the different providers can vary, so correct sms sending for another providers is not guaranteed.
  2. Login into OpenMeetings
  3. Add/update the following parameters in “Administration” -> “Configuration: “sms.provider” – "bulksms.http.1"; "sms.Username" – name of the user with positive balance on bulkSMS site; “sms.Userpass" – user password on bulkSMS site; “sms.subject” – the text of the message. If this parameter is not set, sms message text will be the same as a meeting title.
  4. “number.minutes.reminder.send” – the number of the minutes before the meeting start for the reminder
  5. Fill the “Phone” field and turn the “SMS” switch on for the users who should receive sms messages in the “Configuration” -> “Users” section.
  6. Create a meeting in the calendar and invite the user from the step 5. He will receive sms message at the moment of the reminder time.

To make a payment on BulkSMS:

  1. Register on
  2. Login on
  3. In the “Buy Credits” panel click “Buy Now”
  4. Enter your phone number and click “Send my code now”
  5. Wait for sms with the code, click “Proceed”. On this step you receive 5 credits, i.e. you can try to send 5 test sms messages for free.
  6. Select “My Account” -> “Buy credit”
  7. Enter sum and way of the payment – for example, ”Credit Card” or “PayPal”
  8. Click Continue
  9. Follow the instructions.