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This page holds the periodic status updates for ongoing Proton work.

We started gathering and distributing these status updates in March 2013 as an experiment intended to increase visibility across the community.

The current process is as follows.

Every two weeks, the person gathering the updates will:

  • Create a "Proton status update 20yy-mm-dd" child page for that period.
  • Send a mail to the list to prompt people to add their updates to the page as comments.
  • Edit the body of the wiki page to summarise the comments. The summary may also contain other interesting events, e.g. releases.
  • Mail to the list a link to the wiki page.
  • Update the roadmap if necessary.

The status updates should be one or two sentences describing (with Jira numbers where possible):

  • What you did
  • What you are planning to do
  • Any blockers