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These are the changes from Apache Traffic Server v3.2 to v4.0. If you are upgrading from v3.0 or earlier, please see the upgrade instructions to v3.2. Note that not all these changes might affect your configuration, but you are encouraged to verify that your configurations are in line with the changes in these upgrade documents.

Table of Contents

Body Factory now used for Customizable User Response Pages

Body Factory is now enabled by default - the stock templates are located in the /usr/local/etc/trafficserver/body_factory/default folder. Please be aware of - Body Factory cannot be disabled and use of proxy.config.body_factory.enable_customizations = 0 will result in empty responses for errors.

Remap processor threads

We have eliminated the old configuration proxy.config.remap.use_remap_processor, and instead it's all controlled via the proxy.config.remap.num_remap_threads configuration. The default for the number of remap threads is now 0, which means that the remap processor threads feature is disabled. To enable the remap processors, set this configuration to a value greater than 0.

Jira Ticket:

HostDB cache format change

The hash function for the HostDB cache has changed. This does not require any configuration changes, but the first time running the new version, you will see a log message like WARNING: header missing/corrupt: [hostdb.config] : reinitializing database.

Jira Ticket:

Default RAM cache size

The default RAM cache (if proxy.config.cache.ram_cache.size is set to -1) has been increased by a magnitude. A 128GB disk will now allocate 1.2G of RAM cache, whereas previously it would only allocate 128MB.

Jira Ticket:

Port configuration

New port configuration directives were introduced in Traffic Server 3.2. The backwards compatibility support for old configurations has been removed.

Jira Ticket:

SSL compression

SSL compression is now disabled by default, controlled via this configuration:

Code Block
 CONFIG proxy.config.ssl.compression INT 0

Jira Ticket:

Removed configurations

The following configurations are no longer supported (or necessary). They should be removed from your records.config if you have them in there.

Code Block
 CONFIG proxy.config.bandwidth_mgmt.filename STRING ""
 CONFIG proxy.config.admin.autoconf.wpad_filename STRING ""
 CONFIG proxy.config.username.cache.enabled INT 0
 CONFIG proxy.config.username.cache.filename STRING ""
 CONFIG proxy.config.username.cache.size INT 0
 CONFIG proxy.config.username.cache.storage_path STRING ""
 CONFIG proxy.config.username.cache.storage_size INT 0
 CONFIG proxy.config.http.wuts_enabled INT 0
 CONFIG proxy.config.http.log_spider_codes INT 0
 CONFIG proxy.config.http.accept_encoding_filter_enabled INT 0
 CONFIG proxy.config.http.accept_encoding_filter.filename STRING ""
 CONFIG proxy.config.cluster.num_of_cluster_connections INT 0
 CONFIG proxy.config.cache.url_hash_method INT 0
 CONFIG proxy.config.plugin.extensions_dir STRING ""
 CONFIG proxy.local.http.parent_proxy.disable_connect_tunneling INT 0
 CONFIG proxy.config.remap.use_remap_processor INT 0

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