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*1. Download AOO 4.0 release candidate build and install AOO 4.0:
Builds could be downloaded from following URL which has the latest 4.0 development build: Removed

2. Execute test cases in TestLink:
(1) Register in TestLink and login with your account Removed
(2) Select Test Project as "Apache OpenOffice testproject" in the right top corner and select Current Test Plan as “AOO 4.0 RC Acceptance Test” below Test Project
(3) Click “Test Cases Assigned to Me” to get the test case list that is assigned to you
(4) Click the green gear icon beside each test case to load the text execution page
(5)Execute the test case according to the test case description
(6)Make sure to perform all test cases with navigation and accelerators
(7)Record test case execution result in “Result” and input in “Notes / Description” if any update, make sure to specify defect numbers in Testlink for failed test executions
More instructions on TestLink could be found at Removed, Also a video about how to run test case and input test result are provided at Removed

3. Open bugs in Bugzilla
Please open bugs in bugzilla to address issues in AOO test
(1) Register in Bugzilla: Removed
(2) Login Bugzilla with your account to open new bugs. Here is the reference on how to file
a good issue < Removed>
(3) Mark it as Regression if it is a regression from AOO 3.4.1, or regression from previous final regression testing of AOO 4.0