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  • Hive PreCommit Patch Testing

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  • Execute any tests you feel will be impacted by a change locally
  • The full tests suite can executed by this patch testing facility by simply:
    • Upload a patch to a JIRA in the following format HIVE-XXXX.patch, HIVE-XXXX.XX.patch, HIVE-XXXX.DXXXX.XX.patch (phabricator), or HIVE-XXXX-branch.patch (allows targeting a branch).
    • Examples
      • HIVE-XXXX.patch (branch=trunk)
      • HIVE-XXXX-vectorization.patch (branch=vectorization)
      • HIVE-XXXX.XX-vectorization.patch (branch=vectorization)
      • HIVE-XXXX.DXXX.XX.patch (branch=trunk)
      • DXXX.XX.patch (branch=trunk)
      • HIVE-XXXX.XX.patch (branch=trunk)
    • NOTICE; Jenkins will get the latest patch file attached on the JIRA, so submitting 2 patches, one for the branch and one for master will NOT execute both.
      You have to submit one first, wait until HiveQA report the tests, then submit the other one to test the new branch.
  • Read MiniDriver Tests before adding new MiniDriver tests (such as MiniMR or MiniTez) or Beeline driver tests
  • All of the following patch formats are allowed:
    • git diff
    • git diff --no-prefix
    • svn diff
  • Placing any of these properties in the JIRA description will result in additional action:
    • NO PRECOMMIT TESTS - do not run precommit tests
    • CLEAR LIBRARY CACHE - clear the ivy and maven library before building the source
  • A comment will be posted to the JIRA when the test is complete. Test results disappear after a day or two, so make sure to review them in time.
  • The Jenkins job is PreCommit-HIVE-Build.