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Watch Fair is a mature marketing system, it does not require self-built walls, do not need to create awareness about the high society and extravagant imagination, it does not require innovation, and enhance the relationship is not. You can not use the traditional definition of a luxury watch world today, because today's Watch Fair and watch brands, replica omega are particular about the high-end from the original excavation on the basis of a more populist things, after all, to sell, is the most important thing.

For the watch brand for the past year bigwigs like roller-coaster ride of ups and downs: the global economic downturn, the Chinese watch market downturn led to special factors, the exchange rate continued to affect many aspects such as price positioning. So watch brands we have come up with measures to deal with this is always hard on the "watch the economic crisis." One of the most effective when you want to belong: "Give yourself reposition" No one wants to own branded luxury labels because luxury is equivalent to high prices, who will be considered? PFP brand launched models, such as Cartier, "forty thousand" entry level, Blancpain's "seventy thousand" introductory paragraph, these prices had to buy this brand is simply like a dream!

In the interview, the brand leader when they have given themselves the luxury of understanding and definition, it means "emotional meaning" This is really a good word with substance nothing, walking emotional line, the brand also wanted to "You Are the One" yet ?

We conclude, "luxury" of the word, but not suitable for China's environment, not suitable for a lot of mid-range brand positioning, analyzes the reasons for the following few!

"Consumption can not afford," the watch brand

Nothing more voting rights than the market, watch market with the most voting is always the consumer. More and more choices, more enhanced purchasing power, watch brands rely on to attract, win and retain their consumers? High-end technology? Pure art? Homegrown movement? Do so many top watches sold? Assembling a tourbillon requires four weeks, replica omega watches assembling a calendar movement needs six weeks, but do not say test and development needs several years, consumers, etc., the brand consumption afford it?
Walking is something serious commercial

Today, the Swiss watch industry is going through a from "heaven" to the underground "ground gas" process, the major brands have launched an entry-level watch models, the so-called entry-level functions just do not say the price is very close to the people, because more The watch brand initially faced the most important question is: do it again sold out. Shuffled around to watch those who truly achieve the ultimate senior big, more watch brand chosen strategy is based on market-oriented, then copy replication replication, packaging, commercial promotion, find a spokesperson, the first one mouth shut tables are the brand, the absolute consumption of a few years than in the factory developed a new movement is more practical.

"Artificially limited" the most despicable business rules

I do not know the vagaries of the market changed the Swiss watchmaking industry, or the commercial rules of the game changed the Swiss watchmaking industry, this year more watch Gangster like to use a "do allow consumers to affordable luxury "to interpret the brand positioning. But everyone since it is still a luxury consumer do? "The best is always limited" That is absolutely the truth,replica omega-de-ville and if the best is infinitely replicated, it will become clouds.

Limit is an absolute temptation, luxury, limited block represents the threshold before the ordinary class, on behalf of the wearer's a privilege, status, limited is that people subconsciously sensitive possessive, and now the word is more limited Emptiness, now watch brands in limited as a gimmick, it can be considered a business rule,[ cartier replica|] you do not "limited" since it was "limited", "artificial limit" is also "create" a Panerai.

"China - it is a potential land where the people are very rich!"

According to the Swiss Watch Federation data released in early 2013: Swiss watch exports in the 30 slightly wounded experienced negative growth in the Chinese market due to a series of negative factors, the second half of 2012, both the import and sales declined year on year, or even welcome zero growth in its first year. Despite this data, but the brand bigwigs in the interview, everyone said that the Chinese market is very optimistic about the final say is true or market. In the train to Basel,replica cartier several dealers from Dubai also mentioned China "mydriasis hundreds of times", said: "There's people who have money in the market where a lot of potential!" But they do not know Today, wearing a top watches in China is not "a good thing."