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ActionFlow Plugin



Open Source (ASL2)




Struts 2.3.4 +






 plugin for creating wizards (action flows)


Features Overview

  • Simple integration to new or existing Struts2 application
  • Automatic use of Post/Redirect/Get pattern to avoid duplicate form submissions
  • Proper handling of browser back and refresh buttons
  • Action flow scope to keep data, there is no need to use scoped model-driven


Showcase application could be downloaded from the Maven Central Repository.

Download struts2-actionflow-showcase


Found a bug or have a feature request? Create a new issue or submit a Pull Request.


If you have questions about how to use struts2-actionflow-plugin create a new issue or ask a question on Stack Overflow.


Copy struts2-actionflow-plugin-x.x.x.jar into your classpath WEB-INF/lib. No other files need to be copied or created.

If you are using Maven, add this to your project POM:

xml<dependencies> ... <dependency> <groupId>com.amashchenko.struts2.actionflow</groupId> <artifactId>struts2-actionflow-plugin</artifactId> <version>2.4.0</version> </dependency> ... </dependencies>

Example Usage

1. Install it by adding this plug-in dependency to your POM or by copying jar into /WEB-INF/lib directory.
2. Make your action package extend actionflow-default package.
3. Add <param name="actionFlowStep"> parameters to actions you want to include in action flows. (NOTE: the action must have an input result!)
4. Use next and prev actions in JSP to move between wizard steps.
5. Use @ActionFlowScope annotation on action classes and fields in order to keep data in action flow scope.

Action Mappings

xml<package name="actionflow-showcase" namespace="/" extends="actionflow-default"> <action name="saveName" method="saveName" class="com.example.FlowAction"> <param name="actionFlowStep">1</param> <result name="input">/WEB-INF/pages/name.jsp</result> <result name="error">/WEB-INF/pages/name.jsp</result> <result>/WEB-INF/pages/name-success.jsp</result> </action> <action name="savePhone" method="savePhone" class="com.example.FlowAction"> <param name="actionFlowStep">2</param> <result name="input">/WEB-INF/pages/phone.jsp</result> <result name="error">/WEB-INF/pages/phone.jsp</result> <result>/WEB-INF/pages/phone-success.jsp</result> </action> </package>


xml<s:form action="next"> <s:hidden name="step" value="%{#session['actionFlowPreviousAction']}" /> <s:textfield key="name" label="Name" /> <s:submit value="previous" action="prev" /> <s:submit value="next" action="next" /> </s:form>

Note: Since Struts2 version if you are using <s:submit> tags with action attribute you need to enable support for action: prefix.

Put that in your struts.xml file:

xml<constant name="struts.mapper.action.prefix.enabled" value="true" />


java@ActionFlowScope public class FlowAction extends ActionSupport { @ActionFlowScope private String name; }

Showing action flow steps in JSP

Available from struts2-actionflow-plugin 2.1.0

Implement ActionFlowStepsAware interface in action and create getter for ActionFlowStepsData:

javapublic class FlowAction extends ActionSupport implements ActionFlowStepsAware { private ActionFlowStepsData stepsData; @Override public void setActionFlowSteps(ActionFlowStepsData stepsData) { this.stepsData = stepsData; } public ActionFlowStepsData getStepsData() { return stepsData; } }

In JSP iterate over ActionFlowStepsData#steps map. Use #key and #value to get step index (starting from 1) and action name. The ActionFlowStepsData#stepIndex property holds index of current step.

xml<ul> <s:iterator value="stepsData.steps"> <s:if test="stepsData.stepIndex > key"> <s:set var="status" value="'passed'"/> </s:if> <s:elseif test="stepsData.stepIndex == key"> <s:set var="status" value="'active'"/> </s:elseif> <s:else> <s:set var="status" value="'simple'"/> </s:else> <li class="<s:property value="#status"/>"> <s:property value="key"/> <s:property value="value"/> </li> </s:iterator> </ul>

Controlling action flow

Available from struts2-actionflow-plugin 2.3.0

Implementing ActionFlowAware interface gives you ability to change flow of actions.


The nextActionFlowAction method controls which flow action will be executed next. Return the name of the flow action which should be executed after the action

which is passed as currentActionName argument. E.g. if wizard consists of three actions: 'saveName' > 'savePhone' > 'saveEmail', and

action 'savePhone' must be skipped return 'saveEmail' from this method when method argument currentActionName is 'saveName'.

On returning not a flow action name or null, action flow won't be changed (i.e. the configured next action from the flow will be executed).


The action properties values passed for the current action will be available in nextActionFlowAction method.

As a result of that you can skip actions based on user input and current action name.


javapublic class FlowAction extends ActionSupport implements ActionFlowAware { private String name; @Override public String nextActionFlowAction(String currentActionName) { String action = null; if ("saveName".equals(currentActionName) && "skip".equals(name)) { action = "saveEmail"; } return action; } }