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  1. Folk Bigtop from
  2. Develop your patch in your own branch
  3. Ensure that you have all of your change as 1 commit which has the correct commit message - something like BIGTOP-1031: README has outdated/ambiguous information
  4. Create a Pull Request against Bigtop master branch on Github with the PR title BIGTOP-1031: README has outdated/ambiguous information
  5. Go back to the JIRA and you will fine the patch has automatically attached

REVIEWING PATCHES (reviewer guidelines)


Code Block
#inital setup of repo
git init 
# Development step on master
echo step1 >file
git add file
git commit -m step1

# Now we branch the release candidate
git checkout -b branch-1.0
# and doing the release
echo release >changelog
git add changelog
git commit -m "release-1.0 branch finished"
git tag release-1.0.0
# development on master continues
git checkout master
echo development > development
git add development
git commit -m "development on master"

# Oops two fixes are needed
# create a working branch for these
git checkout branch-1.0
git checkout -b fixes-1.0
echo "fix 1 1.0" to  >fix10
echo "fix 2 1.0" to  >fix20
git add fix10 
git commit -m "fix 1 on 1.0.0" fix10
git add fix20
git commit -m "fix 2 on 1.0.0" fix20
# merge fix branch in release branch0
git checkout branch-1.0
git merge -m "merge fixes-1.0" fixes-1.0
# new release
echo release 1.0.1 >> changelog
git add changelog
git commit -m "release-1.0.1" 
git tag release-1.0.1
# Merge fixes on development, too
git checkout master
git merge -m "merge fixes-1.0" fixes-1.0 
# continue development
echo devel >>development 
git commit -a -m "development2"