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Provide Patches: We encourage you to assign the relevant JIRA issue to yourself and supply a patch for it. The patch you provide can be codedocumentationbuild changes, or any combination of these. More information on this is available in the following sections.

Documentation: Contribute to the Sentry documentation by adding descriptions of new features, updating outdated documentation, and filling in documentation gaps. 

Providing Patches

In order to provide patches, follow these guidelines:


If a change has met all your criteria for review, please +1 the change to indicate that you are happy with it.

Contributing to the Documentation

Before you edit the Sentry documentation, create a JIRA with the Docs component to track documentation changes. Request access to this wiki from the Sentry PMC and make the required changes. There is no formal review process for the wiki, but it is always a good idea to have the documentation reviewed before closing the JIRA. 

Stay involved

Contributors should join the Sentry mailing lists. In particular, the list (to see changes as they are made), the list (to join discussions of changes).