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(sorted alphabetically by product name)

  • amiando amiando is Europe’s leading tool for online registration and ticketing build on wicket
  • Artifactory Artifactory is a maven2 proxy based on Wicket
  • Brix CMS Wicket and JCR based CMS Framework. Allows developers to build dynamic CMS-based web sites using Wicket Components.
  • Burgerweeshuis An open source CMS for pop venues, currently only dutch
  • CentralWire An open source centralized management console for tripwire, using Wicket, Spring, Hibernate/JPA.
  • Devproof DevProof is a portal framework that comes with modules like blogging, bookmarks, downloads, articles and more.
  • eHour eHour is an open source timesheet management app
  • Elephas Elephas is an open-source blogging system.
  • Finan Finan is a financial analysis tool and now features a web based solution for their win32 deplhi client application built using Wicket
  • GaeWicketBlog GaeWicketBlog is a simple open source blog/issue tracker running on Google App Engine. Lightweight and easy to deploy.
  • hackystat-ui-wicket Wicket-based interface to Hackystat
  • Hippo CMS 7 An open source and enterprise-ready CMS based on Wicket, Jackrabbit and Lucene.
  • Irrigator A simple web interface for controlling water taps in an irrigation system
  • JTrac JTrac is an open source and highly customizable issue-tracking web-application written in Java.
  • mediacockpit - A Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform written in Java with Apache Wicket.
  • Profile2 - A Web2-styled Wicket-based Profile tool for Sakai.
  • QuickBuild A continuous integration and release management tool based on Wicket, Guice, and Hibernate.
  • Servoy A RAD environment which uses Wicket for web interface generation
  • Small Improvements Wicket and GAE based system to power your employee performance reviews and 360 degree feedback.
  • SVN client: SmartSVN, CVS client: SmartCVS
  • Voyager - GIS Data Discovery Search engine for your geographic data.
  • Xaloon Components, integrated wicket based web portal/application solution