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In addition to working on CloudStack, many CloudStack committers also blog about their work and ideas around CloudStack. To bring these thoughts together, Planet CloudStack aggregates their writing into a central blog. The RSS aggregator is powered by Venus.

Planet CloudStack should provide a quality feed for users and developers. To this end, submitted RSS Feeds added to should only show posts that are relevant to CloudStack. This can be accomplished by tagging blog posts with "cloudstack" or similar, and then generating an RSS feed for that tag. Links for figuring out how to do this for common blogging platforms can be found at the bottom of this page. If blogs are found that are not relevant to the Apache CloudStack community, the feed will be removed.

Who can be added to Planet CloudStack?

As Planet CloudStack is hosted in the domain, it is preferred that blogs aggregated here must be written by CloudStack committers. PMC members can make exceptions to this requirement and add non-committer feeds if they feel the addition of the feed will be of benefit to the community. It is requested that blog posts in feeds are licensed under CC-BY.

How to add a blog to Planet CloudStack

Planet CloudStack is generated by Venus after reading an ini file in the ASF planet subversion repository. It can be updated by any committer to an Apache project. The ini file for Planet CloudStack can be viewed at

To add a feed, check out the "planet" directory with SVN:

Code Block
svn co

Edit the cloudstack.ini file, adding your blog feed to the bottom. Each entry is made up of 3 things:

  • URL to the RSS feed in brackets
  • The name of the blog author
  • A link to a 64x64 image of the author, if available.

An example of what an entry would look like is:

Code Block
name = Sebastien Goasguen
face =

Note that in the absence of an image for the author, we provided the Apache feather image, instead.
NOTE: The aggregation software does not have much error management capabilities - errors in the ini file will require the ASF infrastructure team to fix, so please proceed with extreme caution.

After adding the entry (and double checking syntax), commit the change to svn:

Code Block
svn commit cloudstack.ini

Updates to Planet CloudStack seem to show up hourly.

Determining the URL to your blog tag feed