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  • Making a TEZ Release

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The artifacts ( source tarball, binary tarball, checksums etc) need to be copied over to ( This is an SVN repo where the release artifacts need to be committed to ). The artifacts should be created under a directory with the release number and RC number.

Code Block
$ svn co
# copy contents so that the resultant is:
$ ls tez/apache-tez-x.y.z-rc0/
apache-tez-x.y.z-bin.tar.gz         apache-tez-x.y.z-src.tar.gz       
apache-tez-x.y.z-bin.tar.gz.asc     apache-tez-x.y.z-bin.tar.gz.sha512  apache-tez-x.y.z-src.tar.gz.asc     apache-tez-x.y.z-src.tar.gz.sha
$ svn ci tez/apache-tez-x.y.z-rc0/

Release Voting process

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I have created an tez-x.y.zrelease z release candidate rc0.
GIT source tag (r***)


git tag -a rel/release-x.y.z -m 'Tez x.y.z'
git push --tags originorigin rel/release-x.y.z

Note that it takes 24 hours for the changes to propagate to the mirrors.
Wait 24 hours and verify that the bits are available in the mirrors before sending an announcement. Sometime it takes longer than 24 hours.


The Apache Tez project is aimed at creating a framework to build efficient and scalable data processing applications that can be modelled modeled as data flow graphs.

<Describe the highlights of the release>


Find all JIRAs that were fixed in this release ( i.e. Fix Version set to the released version ) and do a bulk edit to mark them all as Closed. A useful point to note is that when doing this bulk update, mail notifications should be turned off to avoid triggering a barrage of emails being sent out. Find all JIRAs with fix version x.y.z and not-resolved/not-closed and remove the fix version. Once this is complete, using the JIRA Administration tab, mark the x.y.z as released and set the appropriate release date. Create the next version if its it is already not done. Find all JIRAs with target version x.y.z and not-resolved/not-closed and change the target version to the next release following the above bulk update process.