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Generates CORBA Binding.


Generates a idl from a wsdl.

-i <port-type-name>

Specify the portType to use.

-b <binding-name>

Specify the binding to use.

-d <output-directory>

The directory in which the generated wsdl/idl is placed

-w <wsdloutput-file>

The wsdl output file name.

-o <idl-output-file>

The idl output file name.

-props <corba-typemap-namespace>

The corba type-map namespace.


Generate corba binding operation using wrapper types instead of unwrapping into separate parameters.

-a <corba-address>

Specify the value to be used for the corba:address location attribute.

-f <corba-address-file>

Use the contents of file as the value for the corba:address locationattribute.


Display detailed information for options.


Display Displays the version number of the tool.


Displays comments during the code generation process.


Suppresses comments during the code generation process.




idl2wsdl, java2js, java2ws, wsdl2java, wsdl2js, wsdl2service, wsdl2soap, wsdl2xml, wsdlvalidator and xsd2wsdl.