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ActiveMQ is an open source, Apache 2.0 licensed, high performance Messaging Fabric consisting of a scalable cluster of Message Brokers and a complete JMS 1.1 provider which integrates seamlessly into J2EE containers, light weight containers and any Java application.

h3. Features

* JMS 1.1 / J2EE 1.4 compliant
* full support for JCA resource adaptors and inbound & outbound messaging so that ActiveMQ should auto-deploy in any J2EE 1.4 compliant server
* support for transient, persistent, transactional and XA messaging
* supports pluggable [transport protocols|Protocols] such as [in-VM|How do I use ActiveMQ using in JVM messaging], TCP, SSL, NIO, UDP, multicast, JGroups and JXTA transports
* supports pluggable [persistence|Getting Started] such as JDBC, JDBM and Berkeley DB
* designed for high performance clustering, client-server, peer based communication
* [REST] API to provide technology agnostic and language neutral web based API to messaging
* [Streamlets]  to support web streaming support to web browsers using pure DHTML, allowing web browsers to be part of the messaging fabric
* [Axis Support] so that ActiveMQ can be easily dropped into [Apache Axis|] runtimes to provide reliable messaging
* [Spring Support] so that ActiveMQ can be easily embedded into Spring applications and configured using Spring's XML configuration mechanism
* can be used as an in memory JMS provider, ideal for unit testing
* [Composite Destinations] support to allow many destinations to be used in one simple atomic JMS operation
* JSR 77 / 88 support for easy deployment & management & hot deployment
* reuse the [Geronimo|] stack
* provides an implementation of [ActiveCluster|]
* aims to provide a full ESB as well as a JMS bus
* rules based message routing via [Drools|]

h3. News


[More News|News]