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On April 10-11th 2014, we'll hold an official ATS Summit in Denver, CO. All developers and community participants are welcome to join. If you plan on attending, please add to the list below. For session chairs and co-chairs, please update the section below with session details, and be prepared to lead the discussions at the summit. Slides are not required, but would not hurt.

Table of Contents

When and Where

The summit will take place in Denver, CO, April 10-11 2014. Location: The Westin Denver Downtown, same as the ApacheCon 2014 conference.

The schedule is to be finalized, but here's a brief overview.


Morning sessions (9-12)

Lunch (12-1pm)

Afternoon sessions (1-6pm)

Dinner (7-10pm)





Fogo de Chao*


Session 1 / 2


Session 3

Wynkoop Brewing**


Session 4


Session 5 & Closure


*Wednesday night dinner is going to be sponsored by LinkedIn at Fogo de Chao.

**We have a reserved room at Wynkoop Brewing on Thursday night for 20. That is the maximum capacity of that room. Right now we have 20 RSVP's for that night. If we end up over flowing we will figure something out. Perhaps a small group can go get a separate table in the main dining area, but our experience is that fewer people show up than RSVP so we should be OK. Also, I wanted to note that it will be 21 and over only. I don't think we have anyone under 21 though, so that should be OK (If that is not the case let me know ASAP!). Also, we currently have no sponsorship for this dinner.

Remote participation


TBD, here are a few ideas, see for details on some of these ideas. I'm looking for a session leader for each of the project ideas, that will help drive each session. Everyone who is interested in any of these sessions should also prepare as much as they can: Read up on the issues, research, and scope requirements from your perspective.

Each session should nominate a note-taker, who will take notes to be published in the wiki and on the mailing list.


Please mark all JIRA tickets with the Label: SUMMIT-APR2014 that should be addressed during one of the following sessions.



Session 1: Intros,  Followup from previous Summit, and other minor topics

Session chairs: Leif & Bryan C.

This session will introduce this summit, as well as report and discuss on actionable items from previous summit. This includes:

  • Introductions and agenda bashing
  • Lua configurations
  • Cache improvements
  • C++ API, plugin APIs
  • DNS, HostDB and Load Balancing
  • SSL Hooks for context manipulation

We'll also do some minor discussions here, which do not fit into a full session. This includes:

  • Summit Agendas: Revisit frequency and locations
  • Release process: Is it better? Do we need to fine tune, or revisit ?

Session 2: Lua configurations, part deux

Session chairs: Daniel and Theo

We have the basics of our new Lua configuration in place (in a branch), and this discussion is to iterate over what we've done, and where to go. In particular, we will

  • Current status
  • What works, what doesn't?
  • Changes
  • When to freeze APIs (6.0 ?)

Session 3: Plugins and Plugin APIs

Session chairs: Brian Geffon and Bryan Call

With the upcoming v5.0.0 release, this is a golden opportunity to go through our APIs, and improve and fix things that are less than perfect. Some examples are

  • Parameter types for "length" values. Current we tend to use "int", in some places we use size_t, and we should make this consistent.
  • "bool" type (in C99) vs "int" ?
  • Deprecate APIs
  • Add frequently used "patterns" as core APIs? One things comes to mind, SetHeader() which is a "remove" followed by an "add", and is commonly performed.
  • Mgmt APIs, what do we need to do here to make this usable?
  • C++ APIs: Status and future
  • Remap config: make remap level @ params available to plugins.

We should also discuss about what plugins should be stable for v5.0.0, future plugins development etc.

Session 4:  Reload, seamless restart and upgrades

Session chairs: Jan van Doorn & Phil Sorber

  • All (most?) configuration should be reload-able
  • What is impossible to reload? Output a warning that config X has not been changed.
  • Can we restart in place (for binary upgrades) without breaking existing transfers (disconnect after the current request)?
  • Status of reload without parsing logs after the fact (synchronous/blocking output from traffic_line -x)
  • Cache upgrades
  • Discuss

Session 5: SPDY 2/3/4 and HTTP/2, WebSockets

Session chairs: Brian Geffon & Uri Shachar

We currently have 2 different SPDY implementations, and the future of SPDY is clearly HTTP/2 (according to Google). How do we integrate this well into ATS. Discussions include

  • Plugin vs core
  • Client vs Origin connections
  • Integration with internals (transforms, caches etc.)
  • Extensibility (H3, H4 etc. ?)
  • Performance

In-between sessions

As time permits and there is interest, we have the following list of group activities.

  • GPG key signing. This is particularly important if you are going to prepare official ASF releases, but everyone is encouraged to get their GPG keys signed. Make sure to bring your key signatures and an appropriate form (or two!) of identifications. See for some useful hints on managing your GPG keys (thanks Igor!).
  • Trust falls.


Please add yourself to the table below.




Wednesday pre-dinner

Thursday dinner

Leif Hedstrom, Apple




Brian Geffon, LinkedInbriang@apache.orgAllYesYes
Uri Shachar, Websenseushachar@apache.orgAllYesYes
Daniel Gruno, ASF (and others)humbedooh@apache.orgAllNoYes
Phil Sorbersorber@apache.orgAllYesYes
Bryan Call, Yahoo!bcall@apache.orgAllYesYes
Alan M. Carrollamc@apache.orgAllYesYes
Eric Balsaericb@apache.orgAllYesYes
Dzmitry Markovich, LinkedIndmarkovi@linkedin.comAllNoYes
Omer Shapira, LinkedInoshapira@linkedin.comAllNoYes
Thomas Jackson, LinkedInthjackso@linkedin.comAllYesYes
Alexey Ivanov, LinkedInaivanov@linkedin.comAllMaybe


Theo Schlossnaglejesus@apache.orgAll but plugins apiYesNo
Igor Galićigalic@apache.orgAlYesYes
Kit Chankichan@apache.orgAllNoNo
Miles Libbeymlibbey@apache.orgAllYes


Ask Bjørn Hansenask@apache.orgAll but plugins apiYesYes
Jan van Doorn AllNoYes
Vijay Hosahithlu AllNoMaybe
Mark Torluemke AllNoYes
Steve Malenfant AllNoYes
Jeff Elsloo AllNoYes
Igor Afanassiev AllMaybeYes
Mandeep Chadha AllYes


Anthony Jones 1-3NoNo
Lawrence Wickline AllNoNo


Alternatively, if you don't have write permissions to the Wiki (which you can request with an email to dev@trafficserver), you can add your name here.


There's some possibilities that the "locals" will be able to house a few participants. More details TBD here.

HostMax # guestsGuestsInfo
Phil Sorber32In suburban Centennial about 5 miles from a light rail station.



We have already got the hosting of the Summit covered; it'll either be at the conference venue or Denver Comcast office this time. We're however looking for sponsors who are wishing to contribute to the dinners, and possibly for printing a T-shirt. Please contact Leif Hedstrom if you are interested to sponsor this event!

LinkedIn & Comcast

LinkedIn and Comcast is sponsoring the Wednesday night dinner at Fogo de Chao!


Apple is sponsoring coffee breaks, and the Thursday night dinner at Wynkoop Brewery.