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  • *Releases
    • if a new version of CouchDB has been released, include link to release notes and download link here
  • *CouchDB Weekly Meeting
  • Major Discussions
    • short summary of discussions from dev@, user@ and marketing@ which may be of interest to a broader audience
    • if a discussion included a question from a user and one or various answers from the community, it's also possible to summarize the question (starting with "Question") and answer(s) (starting with "answer(s)"
    • source: subscription to these mailing lists
  • Releases in the CouchDB universe
    • releases of CouchDB-related tools and software
    • sources:
      • Google Alerts
      • Twitter search for "CouchDB" (e.g. @npm_tweets is tweeting releases of CouchDB-related tools, these are usually part of the search results automatically)
  • *Opinions and other News in the CouchDB universe
    • talks and other pieces about CouchDB and projects in its universe
    • sources:
      • Google Alerts
      • Twitter search for "CouchDB"
  • Use cases, questions and answers
    • Q&A from platforms like Stack Overflow or Google Groups or similar, separated by "answered" and "no public answer yet"
    • total number of all Q&A should be limited to 10.
    • source: Google Alerts
  • Get involved!
    • similar content each week, frequently updated if help is needed for special parts of the project
    • source: conversations on Mailing Lists
  • *New PMC Member (or: New Committer)
    • make sure to give a warm welcome to the new PMC member or committer
    • source: official announcement on mailing lists
  • *Events
    • CouchDB- and related events in the next 4 weeks; may also be used if CouchDB- or ASF-related conferences or Calls for Speakers are announced or ticket sales are open
    • sources:
      • Twitter search for "CouchDB"
      • search for term "CouchDB" on
      • hints from the community
  • *Job opportunities for people with CouchDB skills
    • job opportunities for people with CouchDB skills
    • please note that offers are only included here once
    • sources
  • Time to relax!
    • content about relaxing, how to improve at collaborating with people, creating good working environments, …
    • please note that content must not include esoteric or with religious connotations
    • sources
  • … and also in the news
    • news from last week which do not fit into one of the categories above
    • e.g. news around other online projects or programming languages, science news, …
  • Call for Submissions!
    • Please send any submissions for the next CouchDB Weekly News by Tuesday, if you have any. ...
    • Especially for :

    - News in the CouchDB and PouchDB universe 

    - Interesting use cases

    - CouchDB related events

    - good and inspiring reads


There's a recurring structure which can be seen e.g. in this post . There's also a sample post which can be used as a template. Generally, the Weekly News looks as following: