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Jiras applied to 0.13

HIVE-6732 Update Release Notes (Harish Butani)
HIVE-6873 DISTINCT clause in aggregates is handled incorrectly by vectorized execution (Jitendra, Remus via Ashutosh)
HIVE-6887 Add missing params to hive-default.xml.template (Harish Butani via Lefty)

HIVE-6879: Vectorization: IsNull returns incorrect output column. (reviewed by Vikram)
HIVE-6894 : hcatalog streaming version in 0.13 branch should be "0.13" (Thejas Nair, reviewed by Harish Butani)
HIVE-6864 : HiveServer2 concurrency uses incorrect user information in unsecured mode (Vaibhav Gumashta via Thejas Nair)
HIVE-6319. Add compactor for ACID tables. (Alan Gates via omalley)
HIVE-6876 : Logging information should include thread id (Vikram Dixit K, reviewed by Jason Dere)
HIVE-6816 : jar upload path w/o schema is not handled correctly (Sergey Shelukhin, reviewed by Vikram Dixit K)
HIVE-6881 : Postgres Upgrade script for hive 0.13 is broken (Harish Butani via Ashutosh Chauhan)
HIVE-6882 : Make upgrade script schemaTool friendly (Ashutosh Chauhan via Harish Butani)
HIVE-5687 Streaming support in Hive (Roshan Naik via gates)
HIVE-6878 : MetaStoreDirectSql may not handle empty filter correctly (Sergey Shelukhin, reviewed by Ashutosh Chauhan)
HIVE-6856 : ddl commands fail with permissions issue when running using webhcat in secure Tez cluster (Eugene Koifman via Thejas Nair)
HIVE-6604. Forgotten file from previous commit.
HIVE-6863 : HiveServer2 binary mode throws exception with PAM (Vaibhav Gumashta via Thejas Nair)
HIVE-6604. Fix ORC ACID format to work with vectorization. (omalley)
HIVE-6818. I forgot to add the comment that Sergey wanted to add as part of the commit.
HIVE-6837 : HiveServer2 thrift/http mode & binary mode proxy user check fails reporting IP null for client (Vaibhav Gumashta via Thejas Nair)
HIVE-6818. Fix array out of bounds when ORC is used with ACID and predicate pushdown. (omalley)
HIVE-6850. Fix fetch operator to use correct valid transaction list. (omalley)
HIVE-4904 A little more CP crossing RS boundaries (Navis Ryu via Ashutosh Chauhan)
HIVE-6825 : custom jars for Hive query should be uploaded to scratch dir per query; and/or versioned (Sergey Shelukhin, reviewed by Vikram Dixit K)
HIVE-6812 : show compactions returns error when there are no compactions (Alan Gates via Ashutosh Chauhan)
HIVE-6845 : TestJdbcDriver.testShowRoleGrant can fail if TestJdbcDriver/TestJdbcDriver2 run together (Jason Dere via Thejas Nair)
HIVE-6759. Don't trust file lengths from HDFS when ORC files are being written.
HIVE-6782 : HiveServer2Concurrency issue when running with tez intermittently, throwing org.apache.tez.dag.api.SessionNotRunning: Application not running error (Vikram Dixit
K, reviewed by Thejas Nair)
HIVE-6846 : allow safe set commands with sql standard authorization (Thejas Nair via Ashutosh Chauhan)
HIVE-6757 Remove deprecated parquet classes from outside of org.apache package (Owen O'Malley via Xufeu Zhang)
HIVE-6787. Only add ACID OrcInputSplits when the partition is actually ACID
HIVE-6830. Remove restriction that ACID base directories have to be completely
HIVE-6855 : A couple of errors in MySQL db creation script for transaction tables (Alan Gates via Ashutosh Chauhan)
HIVE-6860 : Issue with FS based stats collection on Tez (Ashutosh Chauhan via Vikram Dixit)
HIVE-6821 : Fix some non-deterministic tests (Jason Dere via Ashutosh Chauhan)
HIVE-6739 : Hive HBase query fails on Tez due to missing jars and then due to NPE in getSplits (Sergey Shelukhin, reviewed by Vikram Dixit K)
HIVE-6841: Vectorized execution throws NPE for partitioning columns with __HIVE_DEFAULT_PARTITION__ (reviewd by Hari, Ashutosh)
HIVE-6840: Use Unordered Output for Bucket Map Joins on Tez (Siddharth Seth via Gunther Hagleitner)