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    mvn -Pdeveloper -Dsimulator clean install -Dmaven.test.skip=true
    mvn -Pdeveloper -pl developer -Ddeploydb
    mvn -Pdeveloper -pl developer -Ddeploydb-simulator
    mvn -pl client jetty:run -Dsimulator

Step2: Create the Data Center using marvin by running the command below:

    Setup Marvin (if not done already): python tools/marvin/ install

    (Requires python-dev or python-devel)

    python tools/marvin/marvin/ -i setup/dev/advanced.cfg

Step3:  Now run "selfservice" tests on the created Data Center, using nose command below. Before running tests, mention a new  log folder path for "LogFolderPath", under config file ( setup/dev/advanced.cfg ).