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Comment: Update VM build instructions post conda-install changes


Vagrant will now build your VM and provide you with a simple GUI. Login using the usual credentials (username: vagrant, login: vagrant) and install the necessary dependencies.

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titleUpdate System Dependencies
sudo apt-get update --fix-missing
apt-get install vim


After  After you log in you will need to copy the dependency installation file from /vagrant to your home directory and start the installation.


titleHelp VM GUI TIps

When you're in the VM's GUI window you find that you're unable to use your mouse on our main desktop. To "escape" your mouse from the VM window press Left-Cmd (OS X) or Left-Ctrl (Windows/Linux). If your keybindings are different you may need to check the settings for additional information. Similarly, if the VM windows goes to sleep, you can wake it up by putting the window into focus and pressing the Escape key.


The VM build has switched over to using Miniconda instead of the full Anaconda. This helps speed up the build. The below screenshots may look slightly different given that, but all the inputs should be the same. If you run into problems please email the dev@ list.


About half way through the installation you will be prompted for input. The VM build relies on the Continuum Analytics Anaconda Python distribution which requires you to agree to their license and provide some minor configuration parameters.