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Comment: add sticky bit advice for log directory, per Andre Araujo on user@hive 7/18/2014


The logs are stored in the folderdirectory /tmp/<>:

  • /tmp/<user<>name>/hive.log
    Note: In local mode, prior to Hive 0.13.0 the log file name was ".log" instead of "hive.log". This bug was fixed in release 0.13.0 (see HIVE-5528 and HIVE-5676).

To configure a different log location, set hive.log.dir in $HIVE_HOME/conf/ Make sure the directory has the sticky bit set (chmod 1777 <dir>).

  • hive.log.dir=other<other_locationlocation>

If the user wishes, the logs can be emitted to the console by adding the arguments shown below: