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  • Error "Path to hadoop bin ./target/hadoop/bin/hadoop":
    The first time you need to do a mvn test -f sentry-tests/sentry-tests-hive/pom.xml, so that hadoop and hive binaries are downloaded the first time into sentry-tests-hive/target. Then, for running these tests from IDE, you can either:
    • Symnlink hive and hadoop folders to target/. (top level). or
    • Change workspace in your test configuration to sentry-tests-hive
  • Error "this class is either not enhanced or you have multiple copies of jdo-api.jar in your CLASSPATH!": 
    You need to enhance the jdo classes ( mvn mvn -f sentry-providerservice/sentry-providerservice-dbserver/pom.xml datanucleus:enhance)
  • Error "Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: jdbm.helper.CachePolicy" 
    Go to sentry->sentry-provider->sentry-provider-db right click and go to Open Module Setting. Add the jdbm dependency from  the location ~/.m2/repository/org/apache/directory/jdbm/apacheds-jdbm1/2.0.0-M2/apacheds-jdbm1-2.0.0-M2.jar