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titlePre-processors and Atomic Updates

Because DistributedUpdateProcessor is responsible for processing Atomic Updates into full documents on the leader node, this means that pre-processors which are executed only on the forwarding nodes can only operate on the partial document. If you have a processor which must process a full document then the only choice is to specify it as a post-processor.

titleCustom update chain post-processors may never be invoked on a recovering replica

While a replica is in recovery, inbound update requests are buffered to the transaction log.  After recovery has completed successfully, those buffered update requests are replayed.  As of this writing, however, custom update chain post-processors are never invoked for buffered update requests.  See SOLR-8030.  To work around this problem until SOLR-8030 has been fixed, avoid specifying post-processors in custom update chains.

Using Custom Chains

update.chain Request Parameter